The Cardoule, emblem of causse

	overhanging the Gorges of the Tarn, like a virtual sun, She illuminates their spectacular cliffs, circuses and escarpments.
    Guiding the tourist or the holiday maker in the search of a lodging to look further deep into their Gorges of the Tarn and region visit, this protected species from large causses also plays the barometers.
	Cardoule Tradition
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Causses & Gorges
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What to do through area of Causses and Gorges of Tarn ?

Causses & Gorges
The Country
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Gîte de France in Laval du Tarn
Gîte de France in Laval du Tarn
On the Méjean causse, in full heart of the National Park of the Cevennes
Gîte La Cardabelle, in the heart of Saint Rome de Dolan
Natural-Raid 2007
Living Museum
Gorges of Tarn

2nd Raid-Nature

1er Raid-Nature

Tour de France 2005








Sporting activities in Lozere

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      Here, in Lozere and more particularly in the area of the Great Causses and Gorges of the Tarn, you can practise all the sports or almost... The principal assets nevertheless remain outdoor activities and leisure sports.
      Swimming, cycling, golf, motor bike, fishing, hiking or excursions, horsemanship, stroll with an ass and, most of all, speleology, climbing, parapente, canyoning, rafting...
      Many structures will propose these activities to you, you will find their addresses by Tourist Offices of the area.

        The Ramble :            
      The area of the Great Causses and Gorges of the Tarn conceal an incomparable richness on the ecological level, walking you will have all the time to discover it. For that you have several solutions : There are many marked out circuits from 2 to 7 hours of walk, otherwise you can take the paths of Great Rambling (GR.)
      Quite many of these ways and paths can also be practised by moutain bike.

More on the Chamina guide, Gorges of the Tarn, Jonte and Causses
* Small Rambles :
      There are practically some around each village. These strolls in loop, of various difficulties, will allow you to appreciate the landscapes diversity and to understand its history. (You will find leaflets of presentation and topo-guides in the Tourist Offices)
      Let us advise you the Chamina guide "Balades à pied et en VTT - Gorges du Tarn, de la Jonte et Causses.(Strolls on foot and by moutain bike - Gorges of the Tarn, of Jonte and Causses)"
      It's a genuine guide for discovering the area through its particular geology, its flora and its fauna, its tormented history... and lots of other things more.
      There are indexed 25 circuits of small trips marked out (1h to 4h) on foot and by mountain bike, with a detailed description, a cartography on IGN background. A little work richly annotated, at small price, for a first approach of quality of this splendid area. (In French)

* The Great Hike :
      The country paths propose during 4 or 5 days the Turn of Causse of Sauveterre or the Turn of Méjean Causse.
      The path which follows the Tarn traverses 240 km from the source of the Tarn on the Lozere Mount to Albi (department of the Tarn), including 56 km deepest down in the Gorges.
      The GR6 proposes sublime viewpoints on the Western part of the Gorges.
      The GR44 crosses Causse of Sauveterre from west to east and enables to rejoin Lozere Mount.
      The GR60 follows the layout of the old draille of Aubrac (path of transhumance) which crosses south towards north the Causses Méjean and Sauveterre.
For more information, please consult and

        Discover Gorges du Tarn by Canoe Kayak :            
      Click to enlarge views !
Canoë Kayak through Gorges du TarnCanoë Kayak through Gorges du Tarn        Visit Gorges from inside, closest to this beautiful canyon, discover its flora and fauna by sailing over the Tarn.
      from Montbrun to "Pas de Soucy", a journey of 32 km in the heart of a grandiose wild landscape, punctuated by many small typical villages to visit.
      Throughout the course, many professionals will be there to guide you and advise you by offering itineraries ranging from 2 hours to 2 days.
      Canoe Kayak, the best way to discover and appreciate the Tarn Gorges at your own pace!
Canoë 2000       With Canoe 2000, the adventure is at your fingertips in this grandiose site of Gorges du Tarn. Anything to make this adventure in the best conditions. Give you a taste thanks to the superb video made by Canoë 2000. (video in French, website in French, English, German)

Ramble / stroll by 4 X 4 :            
      An excursion by “4x4” on the ways of Causse of Sauveterre in the middle of Lozere.
      It's a convivial discovery of the area, not requiring physical engagement but being able to be the subject of photo halts.
Accompanied by Jean-Pierre or Sylvie of Oustal del Jas you will discover picturesque places, as well as the architectural and cultural richness of Causse.
More information on stroll by 4x4.

        The horsemanship :            
      Several annual meetings are proposed :
The "drailles" of Lozere
The 160 km endurance race of Florac, recognized like one of the most beautiful races of Europe...
      In addition, accompanied excursions over several days are proposed to you by many equestrian centers.
For more information, please contact the Departmental Committee of Horsemanship (Phone : 04 66 45 41 92)

        The climbing :            
The climbing       The lovers of climbing will feel happy to brave the rocky walls of the Gorges of Jonte near Le Rozier and these of the Cirque of the Baumes, in the Gorges of the Tarn (8 km downstream from La Malène).
      These two sites gather nearly 200 ways and received the Young People Championship of France in 1997.

        The Fishing :            
      The Tarn is a river of 1st category.
Close to the site of the Castle of Caze, on 1500 m, a course “without killing” is at the disposal of the fishermen.
contact : René Couderc : 04 66 48 50 07
      Guides of Fishing are also at your disposal.
For the Gorges of the Tarn : Stephan Faudon - 04 66 32 25 28
For the high Tarn : Pascal Vernier - 04 66 45 82 50

      Many activities and animations concerning art and culture are also proposed to you, for that consult our animations pages.