The Cardoule, emblem of causse

	overhanging the Gorges of the Tarn, like a virtual sun, She illuminates their spectacular cliffs, circuses and escarpments.
    Guiding the tourist or the holiday maker in the search of a lodging to look further deep into their Gorges of the Tarn and region visit, this protected species from large causses also plays the barometers.
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The camp-site of Cassaduc, near Point-Sublime
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On the Méjean causse, in full heart of the National Park of the Cevennes
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Luscious little cakes for the aperitif!


A delicious recipe that you may watch likewise in video!

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            My grandmother called them little Roquefort cakes for the aperitif, or even little salty cakes.

      We need some 4 to 5 cookies per person ... depending on the size given to the cookies. COOKIES with ROQUEFORT and WALNUTS
Do it for people
Ingredients for 4 people :
150 g of flour
125 g of butter
75 g of Roquefort cheese
50 g of grated cheese
50 g of walnuts
1 egg
0.5 teaspoon of yeast
1 pinch of salt

                      Cookies ready to cook !    

      Firstly, we pour the well sifted flour into a large bowl or a large mixing bowl.
      Then we check the absence of lumps, at time it does not take much for it to reform.
      Now, it's the turn of well softened butter, or better, slightly melted, which is blended with the flour by mixing it quickly. Very quickly ... Finally not too much, the goal is to have a very smooth dough.

      Then we add the omelette beaten egg and knead again to have a homogeneous mixture.
      Once the dough is homogeneous we can put the yeast and remix.

        And now only remains to add the last ingredients:
      So we'll start with some grated cheese, we can put what we want as grated cheese, but ... Emmenthal ... it's perfect!
      And now Roquefort! We continue to knead, but not too much, to say to try to keep a little bit of pieces of Roquefort ...
      And we end with the walnuts that will give ... the little crunch ... to the cookies!
      Always the same, we mix without too much kneading, it's not what will break the walnuts but we still think to Roquefort that's not as resistant. If the pieces of nuts are too big, it's before incorporating them that crumble them will be necessary ...
      Finally we'll let the dough rest 10 minutes.

        There, now that the dough has rested a little, we will be able to set cookies up.
      So a baking sheet, a little parchment paper and then we take about a tablespoon of mixture to draw up a cookie.
      Once we finish to fill the sheet pan, it remains only to bake with thermostat to 190 ~ 200°C for about 10 to 15 minutes.
Appetizing cookies ready to be tasted!
      Appetizing cookies ready to be enjoyed!

            We feasted well, do as much ... and do not hesitate to come back to see this recipe or its ingredients ...

            Good aperitif!

          Watch Video of ZaperoCookies

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